The way kids play

Today I was thinking back to how I used to play as a kid… I’m a twin so I didn’t really have to play alone, because I always had my twin with me. But when I think back, I remember thinking how absolutely horrible playing alone was, and why was that?? All we would end up doing was play a game together, and most of the dialogue would end up being “how about we make them do this, ok?” Or “lets pretend….” Let’s just say there wasn’t really a plot of our story with our characters we were playing with (Polly pockets, barbies, my little ponies, etc). Sometimes we would bring them into the bathroom so they could have a pool party, what possessed us to think of that?? It’s hilarious to think that we thought a big bath tub would be a pool for the toys, it’s practically like an ocean for them! Nobody told us before that the bath tub doubled as a pool, we just thought “hey, they should go swimming! :D” and so then we would proceed to get our toys wet and then would have to spend like 15 minutes of our play time drying of our toys because they were soaking wet, and then we had to change our clothes… because those got wet too. As I was saying, when playing alone, you have to think of/ act out the whole dialogue yourself, and then you end up thinking, “wow… I’ve just been talking back and forth with myself for hours…” These days kids don’t really need toys, well they don’t really use them, they have tv and video games to thank for that….
At the supermarket you still hear kids asking their mommy and daddy for a toy, when in reality, once they get that toy, it just goes with the rest in a box… Because guess what else mommy and daddy have to keep them occupied??:
TV shows with recording capabilities, don’t want your kids to miss those crap tv shows they have now ;D
A wii, with all these games they could play, like just dance, which usually only lasts for 30 minutes maximum each time, because people usually get bored.
And/ or an Xbox, or Xbox 360, or even Xbox 360 with kinect. Personally, I think the whole “kinect” thing is kind of stupid. Yes, it may be convenient, but why do we need another thing to discourage us from having to move to do a simple thing like changing the game, or tv show streaming from your Xbox? First, you’re already not moving because you’re sitting watching a show or something for like an hour, and now all you have to do is wave at your tv, and then… BAM! You have super powers, you now have


over this little gloved hand that can click on things!… It’s ok for a movie night or something, but the lack of movement required saddens me…
When kids do play with toys they usually end up leaving a mess, or at least all the kids born after the year 2000… They get bored so easily with the things given to them, that they start so many games with their toys that you can’t even see the floor after about two hours (maybe even one) of them playing with their toys. The beauty of the outdoors for playing was that it never got dirty, yeah it was techincially dirty because it has dirt, but you rarely ever make a mess outdoors with toys! Just the thought of bringing a few toys outside to play with is too much, because you have to bring it all back inside (it may not be right away, but trying to fathom dragging all your toys back inside eventually, was horrible). Another great thing about the wild idea of playing outside is that the kid is moving. I remember going on little fishing trips with my dad, we would go to the neighborhood pond and fish for a few hours, now if you ask a kid something like that (after a certain age of course), they look at you like you’re crazy, and then tell you an excuse that is usually pretty much saying
“that wouldn’t be cool, and I have plans with the computer thank you very much!”
Now that you’ve heard me somewhat rant about my thoughts, i’ll leave you on this note, I hope you enjoyed, and possibly share with me some of your views on how kids play these days. I may be wrong, maybe they are more active. But I just don’t get to see kids play that much, so these opinions are just based off of what I have observed.


An apple for the teacher


This is a thing I don’t get, it’s about this cliche you see on TV (or has this actually happened randomly at a real school?) Where a kid goes up to the teacher’s desk and gives them an apple o.O what if the teacher hates apples? And why not chocolate or something else?? how has this been coined as the food that you associate with a teacher? It’s kind of offensive, isn’t it? It’s like saying, “Hey Miss so and so!… I just thought you should have a nice start to your diet of the week, so here’s an apple :P.” Well actually that’s not what it’s aimed at meaning, but it’s still kind of funny if you think about it. But the whole “give your teacher an apple concept just doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Even though I guess it’s a kind gesture and that’s all it is… Why an apple?

Meaningless little disclaimer: I’m sorry if I offended any of you who are teachers, or have given a teacher an apple before. These are just records of my thoughts/ sarcastic thoughts… 


our eyes..

I think eyes are a very interesting thing about us as humans (granted, I know very little factual things about them, but I think they are pretty). They are an aspect that is rarely ugly, you don’t usually hear somebody saying mean things about eyes like “did you see her eyes? they are so ugly!.” now I know most people probably wouldn’t say that, or comment anything more about eyes other than the fact that they were pretty, but I just find this attribute– that everyone has, very cool. they are like windows into a person’s soul if you know that person well enough– or just have a knack for guessing feelings, because they say a lot, and do so much. Eyes serve to allow one of our usual senses– sight, so I would say they are pretty useful, people use them everyday

Sometimes, I also wonder how our eyes stay protected (at least usually). we have our nifty eyelashes to shield from some small particles that could fall from above, and we also have the innate instinct to close our eyes when something is coming at it… kind of like when you accidentally poke yourself in the eye with your finger, and its this odd jerky motion because your eye is closing as fast as it can while your projectile of a finger is coming at it! and then there are the times where you get something in your eye and you go to make the ultimate success of retrieving the thing from your eye, which of course goes against your body’s normal reaction which says “CLOSE YOUR EYES–NOW!!!.” I know it’s possible to try to resist from closing them, in fact I did it today, but it takes a few tries because you’re not quit sure if you’ll retrieve this thing so carefully. when I attempted to get the thing out of my eye (looking into a mirror of course) I couldn’t help but wonder… “what effect does your finger touching your eye, have on your eye?” which in other words, i’m wondering… does it make your eye’s film like texture not as tough because it has come in contact with possible germs, or does it not have any effect at all?? the human eye baffles me at all it does (not nearly as much as our brains though..but as I was saying), it collects the visual information around us so quickly that it’s not even a conscious thought of figuring out what you’re seeing at the moment, right now i’m looking at a keyboard typing this… usually when you go to the computer to go online or something you don’t think “well this is a computer, and to my right (or left) is a mouse, if I click this mouse i can make this shiny screen, oh that’s a computer, do things for me…..” etc, I mean we don’t have to think of our tasks in micro steps because we have our eyes (well not just the eyes, the brain plays a part too…) to process all of this visual data to complete our tasks and fill it out without having to analyze things to death.

Back to what I was saying about them being pretty though…we go through life, seeing thousands (maybe millions, or billions) of different eyes, that we don’t even realize how many eyes we see in a day! we notice the different eye colors of our peers, and colleagues and I don’t think many of us really remember what color their eyes actually are…

My last wonder about eyes would be, why are they colored the way they are, and how come some certain eyes have different colors mixed with them, and why do we all have certain colors and they aren’t all clear or something… not that I would want to see that, because I think it would be creepy… but those are just my thoughts 😛

Quick homework for anybody who is reading this (if you want to of course), find out, or recall, the eye color of your oldest cousin, and comment below =)


Just one more bite

It has been a few days since I have written last, which is because I have been on vacation. Like I’ve said before, I don’t really have any certain idea of what my blog posts will be about, but I am aiming to keep you all interested. Which is why today I want to talk about one thing I think a lot of us can sympathize with, which is the phrase… “Oh i’ll just have one more bite.” Now I know there are some out there who have no problem honoring this statement, but I know I have more than once gone back on that phrase; For example, i’ll be eating some dessert or something, and I’ll say “just one last bite” (to myself, in my mind), and then I take another– last bite! Another thing is sharing dessert. You know, when you were younger and your parents would say “well there is only one more piece of cake, so you’ll need to share it with your sibling” admit it, you took the larger bite, didn’t you?
another example is if you are asked to get someone a piece of cake from a table of placed out pre-cut pieces, so you take two at random, and then when you get to the table you have that awkward, but fairly short, pause where you stare at each of the pieces to size them up, and then probably take the bigger piece for yourself. I think some people may knock this habit (for maybe the option to not feel as bad about eating the cake, so you end up taking the smaller piece to feel less guilty about it, because it’s less by a teensy bit) but then again, some of us might not. In all honesty, I don’t actually eat desserts as often as I have been bringing them up in my posts, I just think about them a lot. Even more so, now that lent has started, because I gave up dessert. Do any of you have any examples for these things too? And have any of you made some Lenten promises you would like to share?


Everybody has their kryptonite

My theory is that everybody had their own kryptonite; or at least something that keys in on their own weekends. Whether it be food, or a sound like the clicking of a pen repeatedly, I feel their is at least one thing that affects us. Mine would probably be the crumpling of tissues/toilet paper/napkins, the sound effects me, like when someone is crumpling it up. For some reason, the sound effects my breathing, I like feel like it drys my throat up. I know, in reality it might not, but it feels like it does. I don’t really know anybody where the clicking of a pen is something that bothers them a lot, but I think there are some people out there. Do any of you have a kryptonite?


Progression of relationships

So I decided I’m going to write another post about something related to relationships. I feel like as we mature we go from our “only friendships” stage in kindergarten and grade school, to the throughout middle school and high school stage, where we reach the “I kind of like you” stage, or the “lets make out” stage. I’m not saying everybody goes through those certain stages at those times, but it seems like it usually happens in those ranges. During the middle school stage it’s usually the prettynesss of “oh, does he like me????” Or somebody saying “he’d never go out with me” followed by “yeah he would, you’re awesome.” First of all, why do middle schoolers need to date? Personally, I think they are to young to date, maybe like each other. But when these middle schoolers are dating someone and tell their kids about their first kiss, won’t it sound strange when they say “I had my first kiss at 12, it was so amazing,” the odds are, if you are kissing a 12 year old boy, he probably won’t know what he’s doing, boys mature slower than us… especially in those ages. In high school, we, as people, might advance in our intelligence, but we are all fairly inexperienced in relationships. Yes, some of us may have long, lasting relationships throughout highschool, and may develop faster than others, some of us will have a stage where we go through many boyfriends and girlfriends (depending on your gender), and those who do have a lot of relationships might think they are an expert. But if somebody is so good at relationships, then why can’t they keep one going for longer than a few weeks? The long high school relationships may end up having you be “high school sweethearts” as people like to call it, or you’ll end up breaking up. Sadly, there are only a few ways a relationship can go, and the prospects of marrying this person, or breaking up with them, are both scary, but if you think about it, that’s the only way. The relationship either progresses, or ends; or in cases where you don’t want marriage, it stays in a maybe emotionally progressing way, but the relationship doesn’t progress as much, because there is no where you want to go from there. Once you get into college you are still at the “it’s still to early to marry anyone” stage (I’m saying that usually that seems to be the case, i realize it depends on what stage you are in life…). So in college you are not sure how to answer the questions your parents may have about marriage, and your relationships can still be somewhat “light” and not too serious, so there are less reasons to fight with your significant other (even though everyone seems to find other reasons to).

Once you get to the end of college/out of college and onto a job, you usually figure out if you want to be married, if you want to have kids, and if you are ready to get engaged. Not that you can rush those things, and necessarily make them happen when you want to, but hopefully you’ll have a good idea of what you want when you’re that age. Also, men (I’m not saying women can’t do this) but men usually seem to decide if they want to break up with (not always), or propose to their girlfriend at this stage. Or, as some others would choose, they turn it into the “ask their girlfriend to move in with them” stage. Now I’m not saying that every girl wouldn’t do this, and that all men do it for these reasons, but as some older women have begrudgingly pointed out to me, they don’t like the idea of it because it’s only good for the man. in a movie I watched once, called “act like a lady, think like a man” they brought up a point that supported this theory, if you are in a relationship with a man, and you move in with him, he most likely won’t propose to you! He figures he has you living with him, and that’s what marriage is like, what’s the reason for the ring? Which in my opinion is selfish, because the ring (I know it’s just a ring), but the ring, symbolizes commitment, and you get married because of it, and then people don’t talk about you like you’re a slut for moving in with your boyfriend. I guess they just think that because its like a switch in their mind automatically goes to “oh my gosh, they are so sleeping with each other!” Even though, don’t they suppose people do that even if they aren’t already in the same house? (Depending on the people of course). Ok, so I’ve kind of gotten of topic, or more like of course from what my point is. So once a couple gets married, they have the freedom that couples with kids don’t have. They can do it whenever they want (of course with the acception of work, and when they want to) but they have the option to not have to worry about being interrupted by their kids needing them, or possibly walking in on them.

The newlyweds also can go on two people vacations and trips, which is easier than having to be in charge of kids having to go pee, making sure they have their stuff, and also making sure you don’t forget them. But that’s probably the first experience that couples have, which makes them grow, not only as a person, but as a couple. They have to figure out how to deal with this person on the road for a long time, and possibly being tired, as well as thinking “who drives?” Or “who will be in charge of looking up the directions?” And etc. although couples may be able to work through these trips, possibly with ease, or possibly not, but try adding kids to the equation. This seems to be the perfect formula for fights, frustration, and an annoying first few days on a trip.

I’ve noticed that long car trips turn people into stress puppies, and I think if married couples with kids take to a lot of these trips, they start to focus on the bad traveling attitudes of their spouse, and end up expecting the worst. My point is (I guess I’m an optimist, considering I haven’t gone through this yet) I feel like, if you expect the worst to happen, it most likely will; if you expect it to turn out ok, you will be less stressed because you won’t be focusing on the bad.

I realize I may be wrong about some of these points, and may have the wrong ideas. But these are just some of my thoughts.


The right way

Over the years I have adapted certain ways of eating my foods, and i have also noticed other methods that I don’t like. The first time I noticed that I prefer certain ways of eating my foods started with ice creams which have things like cookie dough bits, chocolate chips, yard squirrels and puppy dog tails (well those last two aren’t actually legit… I just got side tracked) so as I was saying, I noticed that I would save the little bits till the end, and eat them last. Then i realized i liked eating ice cream sandwiches in the order of the top layer of chocolate whatever is called, then having the ice cream, and finishing the bottom layer of the chocolate stuff. I’m not quite sure why when I ate those two things (on occasion I would have those, but rarely ever now) I had the tendency to eat them that way, but I just did. Eating the ice cream sandwich by bites of every piece together felt wrong for some reason; it would go too quickly, and I felt like I couldn’t enjoy it.
I just have a feeling that when you eat things in parts it makes you enjoy it more. There are a few other things, like fiber one bars, oatmeal (with chocolate chips), and jellybeans.
The fiber one method I “inherited” from my sister, goes like this… she eats it where she opens up the wrapper (like in the picture)

And she lays out the fiber one bar and methodically goes through picking out the chocolate pieces (placing them in a pile) while eating the oats and crunchy ish part first, and then when she finishes going through the whole bar, she eats the chocolate. Now I know this certain method is strange, but I feel it’s better than being able to shove a whole one of them down your throat so fast that you don’t enjoy it. Now onto the oatmeal and chocolate chips. It’s a breakfast staple for me to have my oatmeal in a coffee mug with dark chocolate chips mixed in just right, so that there isn’t a great big clump of chocolate at the top, middle, or bottom, but instead spread throughout it. I go through my cup of oatmeal, and I eat around the spots where the chocolate chips are, and then I get certain bites with a lot of the chocolate. I don’t mix it up, or pour milk over it, and it pains me (not very much, it just bugs me really) to see somebody mess up my ideal way of eating it on the occasion I make it for them.
The last, but not least, of foods on my mental list of things I eat strangely, or more like methodically, are jelly beans. I like to eat them one at a time, keying into the certain flavor that I’m having, and chewing off the outer hard ish coating, proceeding to finish the, I guess you would call it ‘jelly‘ portion of the jellybean. It’s also a good method of eating them slowly, rather than the method my dad and brother use, where they grab a handfull, and just eat them all together o_o it’s like jellybean murder… How can somebody enjoy jelly beans if all of the flavors are randomly meshed together?? So my readers, my question is, do you have any certain methods of eating your food?


The turducken of desserts

Today I was helping my mom prepare some goodies for her co-workers, we made a thing that we saw on Pinterest. It was a cookie, with a Reese’s cup in the middle (or Oreo, as another option) and brownie on top, baked together. Before this, about six months… Or was it a year o.0… So anyways, a little ways in the past, I had tried baking another thing along the lines of this, a cookie covered Oreo. Each of these desserts were fairly successful, and I think they are very neat creations, but I can’t help but wonder, what would their turducken type name be?? For those of you who don’t know, (I’m not sure how many people know what a turducken is…) a turducken is this food collaboration where the cook stuffs a chicken inside a duck, and then inside a turkey. I’m not sure how exactly your supposed to cook it, or how it tastes, but it’s an interesting concept. So what do you all think the cookie, Reese’s peanut butter cup, and brownie collaboration should be called?


The picture was taken before I added the brownie batter, and these were the Oreo ones.

Dry hands

The winter seems to be the worst for my skin, it gets so dry. I know a few others who have had this problem each winter as well, but during these past few winters I have noticed that my hands are very dry in the winter and require a lot of moisturizers or like lotions to keep them from getting to dry. I rock climb though at a fitness club a few times a week, and since I use chalk I’m wondering it that makes it worse (because it makes my hands dry to hold onto holds without slipping as much). But it just makes wonder, because my hands used to not be as affected during the winter weather.



The other day I was on the web going through Pinterest, mindlessly looking through a category of things I will probably never try, because I usually just look at them rather than planning on doing them. During it, I realized that I was really wasting my time because i was just going through things, liking them, while knowing I was going to forget them later. So after dismissing that thought for the meantime, I went on to look further through Pinterest and eventually I decided to go watch a video on YouTube by a comedy channel that I like. Once I switched to blimeycow (the comedy channel) I saw the name of the video for this week and realized the irony of the situation, it was titled “35 things to do that don’t involve staring at a screen.” Once I watched it, I decided to take action! (I know, how noble of me…) by trying to go for a long period of time (a few hours at least, because I’m weak 😛 ) trying to go screen free. The video brought up a great point, some of us get bored, and then go to our screens for entertainment, like going on twitter or Facebook. All that we usually end up doing though is just switch from page to page of Facebook and twitter back and forth, when we aren’t actually paying attention, and are still bored. So during my mission to go without the screens, I tried doing a thing that the video had suggested (at least I think it suggested this one) I drew something. After I finished my drawing, I was determined to stay on task of not getting my eyes glued to another screen. So I did another thing the video suggested, I tried starting a journal. Sadly, since that day, I haven’t returned to write any other passages in it, but it helped me come to the realization that I was going to finally start a blog. Like I said in my first post, it’s always been an aspiration of mine to start a blog, and I finally have 🙂
So as my mission drew on, I struggled to find things to do that didn’t involve other people after a while, I wanted to pass a football back and forth with my sister outside, but she was busy. Eventually, that same day, I knowingly resorted back to my screens for further entertainment. I like to think that I did learn something from my mission though, I think I did… because I realized that I no longer wanted to spend all of my free hours mindlessly staring at my screens, like an iPod, tv, computer, etc.
I am happy that I at least tried to test myself though, and I feel like the lack of screens gave me more time to actually think, and ponder things. The lesson I took away from it was, screens may be great, but you should try to not always be staring at one aimlessly.

On a further note, you may be thinking “but aren’t you staring at a screen writing this??” Well yes, yes I am, but although I’m staring at a screen, I feel like blogging actually makes me engage my mind rather than staring at a screen with my eyes glazed over. It also gives me the opportunity to add the great big web and put in my two cents, rather than doing what I did before, which was reading everybody else’s and just falling into a routine of looking at something that had already been created, which involved no work on my part.