Just one more bite

It has been a few days since I have written last, which is because I have been on vacation. Like I’ve said before, I don’t really have any certain idea of what my blog posts will be about, but I am aiming to keep you all interested. Which is why today I want to talk about one thing I think a lot of us can sympathize with, which is the phrase… “Oh i’ll just have one more bite.” Now I know there are some out there who have no problem honoring this statement, but I know I have more than once gone back on that phrase; For example, i’ll be eating some dessert or something, and I’ll say “just one last bite” (to myself, in my mind), and then I take another– last bite! Another thing is sharing dessert. You know, when you were younger and your parents would say “well there is only one more piece of cake, so you’ll need to share it with your sibling” admit it, you took the larger bite, didn’t you?
another example is if you are asked to get someone a piece of cake from a table of placed out pre-cut pieces, so you take two at random, and then when you get to the table you have that awkward, but fairly short, pause where you stare at each of the pieces to size them up, and then probably take the bigger piece for yourself. I think some people may knock this habit (for maybe the option to not feel as bad about eating the cake, so you end up taking the smaller piece to feel less guilty about it, because it’s less by a teensy bit) but then again, some of us might not. In all honesty, I don’t actually eat desserts as often as I have been bringing them up in my posts, I just think about them a lot. Even more so, now that lent has started, because I gave up dessert. Do any of you have any examples for these things too? And have any of you made some Lenten promises you would like to share?