our eyes..

I think eyes are a very interesting thing about us as humans (granted, I know very little factual things about them, but I think they are pretty). They are an aspect that is rarely ugly, you don’t usually hear somebody saying mean things about eyes like “did you see her eyes? they are so ugly!.” now I know most people probably wouldn’t say that, or comment anything more about eyes other than the fact that they were pretty, but I just find this attribute– that everyone has, very cool. they are like windows into a person’s soul if you know that person well enough– or just have a knack for guessing feelings, because they say a lot, and do so much. Eyes serve to allow one of our usual senses– sight, so I would say they are pretty useful, people use them everyday

Sometimes, I also wonder how our eyes stay protected (at least usually). we have our nifty eyelashes to shield from some small particles that could fall from above, and we also have the innate instinct to close our eyes when something is coming at it… kind of like when you accidentally poke yourself in the eye with your finger, and its this odd jerky motion because your eye is closing as fast as it can while your projectile of a finger is coming at it! and then there are the times where you get something in your eye and you go to make the ultimate success of retrieving the thing from your eye, which of course goes against your body’s normal reaction which says “CLOSE YOUR EYES–NOW!!!.” I know it’s possible to try to resist from closing them, in fact I did it today, but it takes a few tries because you’re not quit sure if you’ll retrieve this thing so carefully. when I attempted to get the thing out of my eye (looking into a mirror of course) I couldn’t help but wonder… “what effect does your finger touching your eye, have on your eye?” which in other words, i’m wondering… does it make your eye’s film like texture not as tough because it has come in contact with possible germs, or does it not have any effect at all?? the human eye baffles me at all it does (not nearly as much as our brains though..but as I was saying), it collects the visual information around us so quickly that it’s not even a conscious thought of figuring out what you’re seeing at the moment, right now i’m looking at a keyboard typing this… usually when you go to the computer to go online or something you don’t think “well this is a computer, and to my right (or left) is a mouse, if I click this mouse i can make this shiny screen, oh that’s a computer, do things for me…..” etc, I mean we don’t have to think of our tasks in micro steps because we have our eyes (well not just the eyes, the brain plays a part too…) to process all of this visual data to complete our tasks and fill it out without having to analyze things to death.

Back to what I was saying about them being pretty though…we go through life, seeing thousands (maybe millions, or billions) of different eyes, that we don’t even realize how many eyes we see in a day! we notice the different eye colors of our peers, and colleagues and I don’t think many of us really remember what color their eyes actually are…

My last wonder about eyes would be, why are they colored the way they are, and how come some certain eyes have different colors mixed with them, and why do we all have certain colors and they aren’t all clear or something… not that I would want to see that, because I think it would be creepy… but those are just my thoughts 😛

Quick homework for anybody who is reading this (if you want to of course), find out, or recall, the eye color of your oldest cousin, and comment below =)


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