An apple for the teacher


This is a thing I don’t get, it’s about this cliche you see on TV (or has this actually happened randomly at a real school?) Where a kid goes up to the teacher’s desk and gives them an apple o.O what if the teacher hates apples? And why not chocolate or something else?? how has this been coined as the food that you associate with a teacher? It’s kind of offensive, isn’t it? It’s like saying, “Hey Miss so and so!… I just thought you should have a nice start to your diet of the week, so here’s an apple :P.” Well actually that’s not what it’s aimed at meaning, but it’s still kind of funny if you think about it. But the whole “give your teacher an apple concept just doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Even though I guess it’s a kind gesture and that’s all it is… Why an apple?

Meaningless little disclaimer: I’m sorry if I offended any of you who are teachers, or have given a teacher an apple before. These are just records of my thoughts/ sarcastic thoughts…