The way kids play

Today I was thinking back to how I used to play as a kid… I’m a twin so I didn’t really have to play alone, because I always had my twin with me. But when I think back, I remember thinking how absolutely horrible playing alone was, and why was that?? All we would end up doing was play a game together, and most of the dialogue would end up being “how about we make them do this, ok?” Or “lets pretend….” Let’s just say there wasn’t really a plot of our story with our characters we were playing with (Polly pockets, barbies, my little ponies, etc). Sometimes we would bring them into the bathroom so they could have a pool party, what possessed us to think of that?? It’s hilarious to think that we thought a big bath tub would be a pool for the toys, it’s practically like an ocean for them! Nobody told us before that the bath tub doubled as a pool, we just thought “hey, they should go swimming! :D” and so then we would proceed to get our toys wet and then would have to spend like 15 minutes of our play time drying of our toys because they were soaking wet, and then we had to change our clothes… because those got wet too. As I was saying, when playing alone, you have to think of/ act out the whole dialogue yourself, and then you end up thinking, “wow… I’ve just been talking back and forth with myself for hours…” These days kids don’t really need toys, well they don’t really use them, they have tv and video games to thank for that….
At the supermarket you still hear kids asking their mommy and daddy for a toy, when in reality, once they get that toy, it just goes with the rest in a box… Because guess what else mommy and daddy have to keep them occupied??:
TV shows with recording capabilities, don’t want your kids to miss those crap tv shows they have now ;D
A wii, with all these games they could play, like just dance, which usually only lasts for 30 minutes maximum each time, because people usually get bored.
And/ or an Xbox, or Xbox 360, or even Xbox 360 with kinect. Personally, I think the whole “kinect” thing is kind of stupid. Yes, it may be convenient, but why do we need another thing to discourage us from having to move to do a simple thing like changing the game, or tv show streaming from your Xbox? First, you’re already not moving because you’re sitting watching a show or something for like an hour, and now all you have to do is wave at your tv, and then… BAM! You have super powers, you now have


over this little gloved hand that can click on things!… It’s ok for a movie night or something, but the lack of movement required saddens me…
When kids do play with toys they usually end up leaving a mess, or at least all the kids born after the year 2000… They get bored so easily with the things given to them, that they start so many games with their toys that you can’t even see the floor after about two hours (maybe even one) of them playing with their toys. The beauty of the outdoors for playing was that it never got dirty, yeah it was techincially dirty because it has dirt, but you rarely ever make a mess outdoors with toys! Just the thought of bringing a few toys outside to play with is too much, because you have to bring it all back inside (it may not be right away, but trying to fathom dragging all your toys back inside eventually, was horrible). Another great thing about the wild idea of playing outside is that the kid is moving. I remember going on little fishing trips with my dad, we would go to the neighborhood pond and fish for a few hours, now if you ask a kid something like that (after a certain age of course), they look at you like you’re crazy, and then tell you an excuse that is usually pretty much saying
“that wouldn’t be cool, and I have plans with the computer thank you very much!”
Now that you’ve heard me somewhat rant about my thoughts, i’ll leave you on this note, I hope you enjoyed, and possibly share with me some of your views on how kids play these days. I may be wrong, maybe they are more active. But I just don’t get to see kids play that much, so these opinions are just based off of what I have observed.


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