The birds are singing

Well readers, it’s that time of the year, the birds are singing (way too early in the morning I might add)!! Spring is just around the corner (or maybe we’ve just reached the corner). Anyways, I was eating breakfast the other morning with my mom and sister, and I was curious, why do birds sing primarily in the beginning of spring/summer, and very early in the morning?? So I asked my mom, and she decided to google it, because she didn’t have any clue either! So it turns out, the annoying ones to hear so early on these spring mornings are the males, who are basically calling this from their roof tops “Come here female birdies, I am male and have a lovely home, come over and let’s have baby birdies” and they start this as early as they can, so that they aren’t too late. So the songs we hear are basically like the male bird’s hookup song in a way. So now I know why they sing, I mean I could understand a few chirps now and then to get their point across, but I never wondered fully about their lengthy songs… And now I know. I’ve always thought there little songs were cute and fun to listen to, and plus they remind me of my favorite time of spring, and the year. The time where you go out in the morning and it’s slightly cold still, but not too cold, and it’s got this slight sense of overcast in the early morning, it’s peaceful. I love these days and the feel of them, too bad school gets in the way, so I only get to cherish it on the weekend…