Frenchie see… Frenchie do.

Frenchie see, Frenchie do. So, as I have mentioned in my last post, my family has hosted this guy exchange student from France for the past month. recently, we went to dc with him, because we were showing him stuff in america. So this family that we got the connection to host him from, came too, with their exchange student, let’s call him “Frenchie,” because he was french too (like our exchange student). Frenchie thought, when he saw our exchange student with his girlfriend (her family came to dc as well), that he would try to do what our exchange student did, and snag an american girl 😉

My sister and i refer to it now as doing a louis (the name of our french guy). Because in our favorite show, how I met your mother, ted, the main character, says “I love you” way too soon to a person in the show. So then after that, in the show, they refer to it as doing a “ted” when they say “I love you” to soon. Now, we refer to it (jokingly of course) as doing a “Louis” which is where as an exchange student, you get into a relationship with someone from the place you’re visiting. It took him only two hours of hanging out with this girl to kiss her, well actually, more like make out. So when Frenchie saw these two in dc, the thought of “well the twins are single, and Louis not interested in them because he has his own girl, so maybe I could do a Louis” might have popped in his head. Or maybe something completely not along the lines of that, but anyways. He put the flirt on. Or maybe I should say, he started trying to test out the waters of flirting with either me or my sister, and my sister tried always nudging me towards him, even though we both have boyfriends. So I ended up getting a few brushes against me by him, which my best friend later referred to as him “breaking the touch barrier ;)” (in a joking way). Anyways, I just thought I’d like to share that I think “Frenchie see, Frenchie do”




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