what’s been happening

“you threw off my groove!”

~Cuzco from the emperors new groove

Normally, I would agree with this statement, that someone can, in fact, throw off your groove. So, I go and workout every morning with my mom and sister. When it comes to being on time for our morning class, we are a well oiled machine. But, about a few months back, when my brother would come along with us sometimes in the morning (to save his gas), we would always end up being late (or at least later than my liking, I usually like to be there 15 minutes before the aerobics class starts). But, during this past month we’ve had an exchange student living with us, he (yes, a he) fits in perfectly with our family. He works out, so that’s been a perfect fit. He also is up and ready on time to be out the door to the gym, so, he is an example of how sometimes some people don’t impose on your groove.

Sadly, the exchange student is leaving tomorrow. It has been a pit of new experiences having him here 1). Hanging out with a guy constantly for a month 2). Constantly hearing a french accent with English words 3). Having to explain English words when he doesn’t know one 4). Having to explain to many ladies at the gym that, no, he isn’t my brother, triplet, cousin, or even boyfriend (because I have one and it’s not him), but that he’s our family’s French exchange student for the month. 5). Having someone around constantly that I feel that I need to entertain. Thankfully, he’s not hard to have around, but sometimes I prefer to have free time where I just do nothing.

Okay, so now, that random list makes me remember what I came here to write in the first place. I came here to tell y’all about a conversation we had on the way home from picking the exchange student up from his girlfriend’s house (he’s french, he works fast, she’s from here, and lives here, but she’s his girlfriend). but anyways, back on track. We were talking about Amanda Bynes for some reason, and my mom said that she was being… what’s the word… tested or something, for schizophrenia. So the exchange student started saying how he thought that having voices in your head could be good, because after all (haha), you wouldn’t ever be lonely! But then, I posed the thought of, well what if one of the voices was someone you couldn’t stand?? And then he said well what if it was your best friend?? So I decided to sort of give up on that little debate, but then I thought of something else. What if, the schizophrenic person had an inner voice who was of the opposite gender, that they ended up falling in love with? Then, he said something about how if your inner voice was a girl, then that would be weird, because you’d be like transgender for having a voice of the opposite gender in your head. He also added his opinion, which was “How could you fall in love with just talking to someone? no kissing, or anything?!” which also gave us a glimpse into how some guys are kind of simple minded in the fact that they can’t imagine only falling for someone because of how their mind speaks to you. So my thought was, what if the schizophrenic person didn’t have an opposite gender voice in their head, and were gay, and had a gay partner in their mind, but were able to live life appearing as a straight person by having relations with someone of the opposite gender, but still were able to be fulfilled emotionally by their gay partner in their mind?



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