Archer series: How I met the archer

The story of the archer. It was a lonely day of single-dom, I was hanging out in the basketball courts trying to shoot hoops with my sister and friend. There was a guy that i had just met, well not met exactly, but anyways, he showed up that day at the courts, and came up to me, following the archer. The guy i met, i hadn’t exactly met. He got my number from my sister’s boyfriend’s phone, and started texting me, but i hadn’t seen his face. We talked, and he seemed pretty cool, i felt as though i was doing most of the effort though. So when i first saw texting boy, he barely compared to the taller, and sweeter looking, archer. The archer had a sparkle in his eyes. Texter boy just seemed a bit cocky. So i decided, that i would actually flirt back with the boys today. In my opinion though, i’m not sure it came off as flirting, because I’m not sure of how good a flirt i am. So i kind of dismissed liking texting boy, and set my eyes on the archer. he’s not an actual archer, by the way. So the archer asked my sister, my friend, and i, if we wanted to play a game of 3 on 3, but we declined. Then, the other two guys left, and he asked again. This time though, it would be 3 on 1, him being the one (because we told him we weren’t very good… because honestly, we weren’t). We accepted, and i was impressed by how well he moved. He definitely wasn’t shy when playing, he knew he was good, but not in a way that was too cocky, unlike how texting boy seemed. So we played with archer, and he won. Keep in mind, he was a one person team against 3 of us. I enjoyed playing with him though, especially when i could get closer by guarding him haha. Soon enough, it came time for us to leave :/

I gathered up my stuff, and then i turned around and walked up to him and said something like “my name is ___, what is yours?” and then he replied “archer (he actually didn’t say archer, but that’s the name i’m going by to keep him anonymous) and i think, if i remember correctly, he reached out to shake my hand. i had a kind of stumbly reaction because i had stuff in my hands, and couldn’t use the correct hand. But nonetheless, i shook his hand, and i think with that i left. Apparently my friend said that she saw him check me out, or like bite his lip, when i turned my back to him and was leaving. I guess you could say, that i was hooked. I wasn’t quite sure that she was right with her observation, though, , because i thought “it would be cool if she was right, but why would someone as good looking as him be into me, she probably saw wrong” but, she didn’t.


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