Archer series: I couldn’t have been more blind than I was on this day

So now it had been a few times that i had run into archer, and i was definitely into him. But, he didn’t show up for a while, so i had started loosing hope in crushing on him, to the point where i started checking out other options. I didn’t admit to anyone though, that the archer was secretly at the top of my list of who i had a crush on, and would go out with. But the archer didn’t show for a while, and another, younger, option presented himself. He came into conversation with us with a very original line, sadly, so original that i won’t be sharing it, as to keep this anonymous. So we met him, and he kind of resemble the archer, but i didn’t take much note of it.

So, with my wandering Gemini tendencies, I thought, “well maybe the archer is busy with someone else, and that’s why he hasn’t shown, it wouldn’t hurt to try to not stay hung up on him.” I thought about this other option, but he was too immature for my liking, and was ranked as a “flirting buddy” in my eyes.

Eventually, the archer returns, for the part of the story where i had sort of dropped thoughts of him (resulting from allegations against him that i’m not going to disclose, as i later figured out were lies, which i suspected they were all along). So, being very good at changing visible tracks of who i was going after (even though i was, after all , still hung up on him) i was surprised to see the archer back, and ready to mingle, with me. I had no clue that he was flirting with me, because i dismissed looking for any signs of him liking me, because now, he seemed like a “bad boy” to our group. But to me, i couldn’t help but not believe the things that were said, because i felt like he was still a truly good person. Nonetheless, the thoughts of our group swayed my flirt-radar, and he was trying to flirt that night. He came to where i went after we played basketball, and he participated in what i was doing, and he brought two friends. One of them, wasn’t that great looking, and i thought he was in a relationship. The other, earring guy, looked good, so i tried my hand at flirting with him. Little did i know, archer was the whole ring leader of this operation because he came to flirt with me. I ended up taking a small talking break from what i was doing, and as a result of playing the field, i asked them all what their names were. So then later that evening, the archer and his friends went off to the pool, not forgetting to invite us first. But, we said no, because we didn’t have our swimsuits. He ended up asking me later, after they returned from the pool, if i wanted to play rackquet ball, but being stupid, and distracted with what i was doing, i declined his obvious attempts to hang out with me further. Then before he left, and even though i had (unintentionally) declined all his advances, he waved goodbye as he headed up the stairs. If i hadn’t heard the one thing that i heard about him, that could’ve been the start of our relationship. Or at least me asking for his number. Because before i heard what i heard, i was planning on asking for his number.



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