Archer series: seeing him, part 1 and 2

Part 1: This time, the archer came up and was asking my twin and i questions about what grade we were in, and what school we went to. Along with everyone else that asked the question of our school, he seemed sort of disappointed when i told him that i’m home schooled. He kept talking, asking questions about what it’s like being a twin, and we played basketball as well, so we weren’t able to have a lengthy conversation or anything. It came time that i had to move onto my next activity at the gym, so i told him where i would be, and left. I don’t think i recall seeing him much for the rest of that day, except when he went up the stairs to leave.

Part 2: The second time i saw him after we met, he was wearing this Uber hot, pink shirt, with the sleeves cut off 😉 it went so well with his skin color (black). It made me kind of intimidated again with the thoughts of “he is way too hot to possibly like me.”  He was kind of quiet and pouty that day, i was tempted to just go up and give him a hug, but i didn’t because i didn’t know him that well yet. So he and i didn’t say much to each other that day, but i definitely noticed him.

Added note: there was this guy that i met sometime, i think it was in between the times that i saw the archer, but yeah, he’s part of the story too. his name will be SS.


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