Archer series: thank you, SS

This is the part of the story where SS comes in, you thought that i was finished with the story? because of what happened? well, think again, dear readers, for i guess fate had a plan. i will try to keep the SS part short, for it doesn’t matter anymore. As i told you, i was kind of into him for flirting, but one day, he took it a step further and asked for my number. I gave it to him, and a week went by, and he didn’t text. I know what you’re thinking “what a jerk, a whole week? he asked for your number” well, maybe that’s what i was thinking, but anyways. SS and i eventually ran into each other again, and after hanging out for about 30mins i brought it up and asked “did you ever text me?” and he said “yeah, i said hey and i got like one reply” and then i said “oh, well, i think i gave you the wrong number.” he laughed it off, with his ego a little bit shot i think, and then i gave him the correct number. This time, double-checking. so i texted SS for about a week or two, and i thought he was pretty fun, we even shared a peck on the lips eventually, but then he started texting less, and asked me randomly one day “does your sister go out with anyone?” This shocked me, because i was thinking that he liked me, and i said “yea.. why?” and then he said “because i need someone to go out with :(.” I was very confused, i had thought that he was eventually leading up to going out with me, but then he said something that made his actions make sense “well my brother likes you.” His brother, dear readers, is the archer. I was honestly thrilled to hear this, even though i felt bad about leading on somebody, not to mention, the archer’s brother. But alas, he was like “well i want to do something nice for my brother. And he talks sweetly about you all the time. He likes you more than i do.” He didn’t say all of that at once, but that is what he basically said the rest of the time, just summarized. I was still slightly skeptical, because why wouldn’t his brother have approached me about this before? I hadn’t noticed that the archer liked me this whole time. So, he said “hit him up on Facebook”  and with that i waited the ‘appropriate amount of time,’ in my opinion (about 30mins) to go to his bother’s Facebook page, which I was well aware of finding already, as I had looked him up before. So with that, i waited and added him. After that, I said “hey” and then he replied “hey beautiful”

If it weren’t for SS, i wouldn’t have started talking to his brother, the archer.

On that same day, one of my long time texting pals had also asked me if i would go to the movies, and with just the hope of being with the archer looming in my mind, i said “if it’s as a date, it’s a no, because i kind of like someone.” I definitely was still interested in the archer.


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