Basketball?? but but, you’re a girl? o.O

So, I like to go and play basketball, or at least shoot hoops. But, it seems like most of the times I go, there’s a guy that assumes I’d be open to flirting with him. Because, after all, I’m a girl in a basketball court, or course I’m not here just to exercise or get better!!! (sarcasm). It’s true though, like a guy will forget his whole workout of playing sometimes, and just become my own personal ball return. Like I can see what you’re doing dude, but I have a boyfriend. Although, that is how my current boyfriend and I met each other, but that’s not the point. It just bothers me sometimes, though, because these guys get so dense. Like why are you talking to me when I’m not fully engaged in conversation with you? Can’t guys get a read on whether a girl is interested or not? Or do we just have to come out with a really narcissistic attitude and assume that you’re flirting with us by saying ” I’m sorry, but I have a boyfriend.”

I’m not complaining necessarily about the fact that these guys obviously have guts to approach girls, but it’s just kind of annoying when I want to workout. It’s hard to be serious when I feel like someone might be checking me out. Like it just makes me not want to move. Hence, it’s hard to get better as a girl in setting that are normally a guy’s turf, because guys always seem to be looking at what you’re doing, even if you may not be that attractive.



6 thoughts on “Basketball?? but but, you’re a girl? o.O

    • Haha, yeah, I try to. It’s just hard when you feel like a piece of meat in a place where you should be able to be respected. I’ve had guys that are younger than me shout out “damn, you got a fat ass!” In a good way I guess, but it’s obnoxious. They should ignore their other head, as a courtesy of respect for girls.

      • You know there is a way you can avoid all this …. When they say these type of things or try to dis respect you in any way just stare them hard with a bad face and never smile at them . Eventually they will stop doing this when they will know you don’t find any fun in it ! It really works…. Just give it a try 😉

      • it was only once that they came out and actually said that, but they said it while i was on the track, walking, so i just ignored them and acted like i couldn’t hear them lol.

  1. OHMYGOSH this is so true! As a girl who loves baseball and football (I also play basketball with my dad on the court most weekends) I always feel like boys don’t even think that we could actually be coming to play. Not all girls are so shallow that they’d go just to watch dudes play! Full disclosure — I have done that once, but I wasn’t alone, and had no intention of playing 😉 Anyways, it’s really demeaning to women!
    In other news, I’m glad that you followed me, it gave me the opportunity to discover your awesome blog! I read over a few of your first posts and saw that you mentioned How I Met Your Mother. I feel like we’re friends already ><'

    • I know, it stinks! It really is demeaning. The girls who are always out there and you never see them there to play, that’s annoying, because they make it even worse when about 90% of girls in the courts are there to flirt with guys, guys take it as an invitation when you walk in. I admit as well, though, that I did go in the past, hoping to maybe catch a guy’s eye haha, but I was still playing.
      I’m glad that you enjoy my blog!! 🙂 It’s definitely cool to see other teens out here in the biosphere, and hearing fellow teens opinions on things 😛
      Yes, I have mentioned How I Met Your Mother in one, and I think many more, of my posts haha. I am a fan of it and honestly have watched the seasons that are available on Netflix… three times completely through…. lol. It’s a great show, and watching it never gets old 😛

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