bro code (when it comes to twins)

What is the bro code when it comes to twins? There are two reasons that could make me ignorant on this topic, but I’m going to try to make some theories, and correct me if I’m wrong. the reasons I’m ignorant 1). I’m a girl. 2). I believe that guys probably do have some sort of unsaid strategies even if they deny an actual “bro code” existing.

so here are my little theory conspiracies I’ve come up with as a result of actually being a twin…

  • When they come in a pack, so do you and a bro. Basically, i think that anytime a guy sees a set of twins, and decides that they are an option, he grabs a bro before going in for the kill.
  • Whoever spots the duo first picks one, and the other bro picks up the other. So, they think it’s cool, because, if they are vibing with the one, the other twin still gets someone to talk to, and everyone’s happy (not, *eye roll* what if we think your friend is uglier than you??!!)
  • If it doesn’t work out with one, there’s always another. This point doesn’t really go hand in hand with regarding fairness between you and your bros, but I think it still flows with the guy mentality attached to the bro code. So, if a bro was giving another bro advice about pursuing someone who’s a twin, he could say something like “Well, if it doesn’t work out with the one, there’s always an exact copy that you could go after!”

Those are all that I could really think of for the moment. So I’m curious, for any guys out there reading this, are any of these true? And for any of you out there who are twins, or know twins, feel free to put your input on any un-said rules when guys deal with a set of twins.



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