Dear readers,

      I’m thinking of writing a book. There’s this cool app called watt pad for iPod and iPhone users, and I think they have a website too. So I’m thinking of making an account and writing stuff, to share there. My only dilemma is that I usually don’t finish book ideas that I’ve started. This time I hope to, though. Last year in November, I had started a book, and participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and finished the challenge of writing 50,000 O.O words… and I haven’t touched the book since. I didn’t finish the book in those 50,000 words either, but sadly I have no desire to revisit it to edit, and finish it. Although, who knows, maybe I will sometime in this next year. But my plan now is that I’ll practice some short stories, by posting them on Watt pad, and then I’ll move on to the NaNoWriMo task this November, and hopefully finish a book so that I can redeem 5 free copies of it 🙂  (I could’ve redeemed that deal with my book from last year if i had finished it and edited it by this time this year, but alas, I didn’t, I’m a slacker like that sometimes :P)  

So that is my plan for writing this year dear readers (or maybe just reader? haha), along with making sure to write to you all about my troubles with writing short stories, writing a book, and even about daily things that I might get inspired to share with you. 



Archer series: why Archer

Archer, is the nickname I have chosen for the guy that I like, to be called on here. If you were wondering readers now, not only is he the guy that I like, but we have now been dating each other for… wait for it, a month and almost three weeks 😀

I enjoy my time so much with my archer, seeing him just charges my happiness right back up 🙂

So now, the explanation of “archer.” his birthday classifies him as a Sagittarius in the zodiac signs, and the Sagittarius is the sign of the archer. So yeah, his name will be archer, for that reason.