It’s a good thing phones have auto-correct now, right? now that work contacts, emailing, and Facebook are all on our phones, it helps us to not lazy! the fact that most of our misspelled words are changed to the correct spelling, or that we no longer a responsible for capitalizing our I’s, and making sure to put an apostrophe in words like “can’t” and “didn’t.” What did people do before? Does that last question mean that there was actually a time before auto-correct, where we were required to use our brain to correct our own errors?? Crazy, right? To think…. there was actually a time where we had to do all that stuff on our own… I guess this generation will just look back, and be like “Poor people who had to put effort into things… Didn’t you have an app for that??”

Seriously though, we’ve gotten too dependent on it. I find myself switching between mobile to desktop quite a lot, and I actually have to go through and capitalize all of my I’s, because I’ve gotten so used to letting my device do it for me. 

Why can’t I think as clearly as some people? Some days (mostly in 2012’s school year) I feel like I have ADD when it came to my thought process. Like for instance, sometimes I can’t hold a thought for longer than like a minute before my mental dialogue changes to something that’s the polar opposite […]

Odd compliments

So, I decided to share this picture because I feel like it describes how I think in some ways. I know that most people probably think these thoughts when they see their crush (or even a cute person), but the meaning isn’t exactly what I’m getting at here. It’s how it’s written. Fast, confusing (only […]