Odd compliments

Odd compliments

So, I decided to share this picture because I feel like it describes how I think in some ways. I know that most people probably think these thoughts when they see their crush (or even a cute person), but the meaning isn’t exactly what I’m getting at here. It’s how it’s written. Fast, confusing (only to other people though), and awkward. That’s my thought process sometimes, but, I usually end up not saying much; Because, I realize soon enough (before I say most things that is) that it might not be perceived as a cute and witty thing to say, but instead something that made someone feel a bit awkward. Luckily, I’ve said some pretty strange things around my boyfriend, and we just use a few as a joke, and he thinks the things I say are cute for some reason…. I have no clue why, because if I were him, I’d find some strange, but it’s good that at least one of us thinks it’s cute 🙂 haha


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