my thoughts

When it comes to my thoughts, I like to be heard. I think back, and believe that that was one of the main reasons why I decided to start blogging. It made me happy knowing that my thoughts, as inconsequential as they may be, could be heard. It’s not like I have any ground breaking discoveries or ideas to constantly share. Although, I do feel like I have opinions, and experiences, that are interesting and that matter. So, I thought “well, people solely go to blogging websites to read about topics that relate to them, or interest them. It’s a place to share, and discuss, your thoughts.” If you ask me, I think that’s pretty dang cool. It’s an easy way of self expression, and a good outlet to find open ears… or minds that is, to share your thoughts with. That’s why, readers, I feel very happy each time I see that another one of you is following me. It makes me happy to see that some people are interested in listening further to what I have to say. 

sleep and thoughts

This is so accurate. I’m staring to think that I should try to start getting in bed earlier because I waste about an hour of sleep almost every night, because of my thoughts. It just makes me wonder if the people who do fall asleep quickly just don’t ponder anything, or maybe they have a […]