A week ago, I went to my first concert. It’s an interesting experience. Almost a herd mentality forms when the singer walks into the crowd, and sometimes you can’t hear the words. It’s cool though, to think that all of you are there for one reason: to see your favorite performer, live and in the flesh, singing in front of you (even if you’re like hundreds of feet away from them, but thats not the point… 😉 it’s an experience). I’m not the type of person who is a mega-fan of anyone, or at least not at the moment (I’m not saying I couldn’t ever be a mega fan), I’m just not to the extent that I get excited to reach out in the hopes to just touch a person though. I would say that I appreciate music. I just don’t like to be a jumpy person when the atmosphere, or like mood of the song is wrong for jumping though. In my opinion, the person that I went to see, Gavin DeGraw, doesn’t have songs that you need to jump to, in order to enjoy. You can just sit back and listen to the words, at least that’s what I’d like to do. It kind of gets to me though, when people are like “why aren’t you up and jumping around?!?!?!????!!!!”
because I like to hear the music, not my brain jostling around in my head” I think to myself.
Of course I don’t respond with that, but it’s what I think sometimes. When train came on though, I did stand up, because it felt like the right music to jump to.
All in all, it was a great concert. So good that I left with a headache (sarcasm) haha, but sarcasm aside, I am serious, I did actually enjoy it. I’m going to another concert soon, and look forward to writing to you all about it.


One thought on “Concerts

  1. Ah, I’m seeing them in Seattle tonight! At concerts there are the dancers, and the smokers, and the screamers, and the parents who have to leave early to put the kids to bed. It’s totally a herd mentality that makes it all the more exciting, but I tend to lock eyes with the singer and pretend he’s speaking to me. Glad your first concert was so great. 🙂

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