Lucas Scott (the One Tree Hill post)

The reason I wanted to I write this post was because, I wanted to express my thoughts on a certain style of writing. It’s a style of writing that I respect, yet at the same time, dislike. It’s kind of like contemporary art in a way, this writing style. You take materials from things around you, add your own flair to it, and then it’s your piece of art, or writing. The other day, I saw this thing in the news paper about a book sculpture that someone did. I thought to my self “that’s interesting looking, but how is it art? Like how could someone consider themselves an artist if they are taking already made materials, and just glueing them together?” I came to the conclusion that I guess the artistic part of modern art is that we take these regular items, and create them into a figment of our own imagination. But, I don’t consider it art when someone takes just one book or something, puts it on a frame, and then claims that it’s ‘art’. In one tree hill, Lucas writes about his own experiences, but I think he writes it in the heir of it being fiction. In some aspects, it could be fiction. After all, not everything we write about our real lives has to be true. But to me, it’s kind of a less creative way of writing, not that people who use this style aren’t great writers or anything. But, I feel like some people try to pass off a book as this great fictional piece that they created, but every character is like someone from their actual life (mimicking almost every aspect of the person, that is). I don’t mind reading a book that uses the characters as real life person’s look, occupation, hobbies, etc. But, when your books are all of characters completely fabricated from others around you, I feel like you should be truthful to yourself; you’re writing a piece of fiction with you, and the people closest to you in life, not a fiction that you pulled out of a hat or something. Dan Humphrey, from gossip girl, has this style of writing as well. He has ways of describing the characters in ways that are creative, but everyone in his books are based off of real life. I like it when writers at least own up to the fact that these characters are supposed to be, and are meant to be, based off of certain people. Eventually, though, I feel like a writer has to break out of the shell of what they know, and transition into writing where they ease away from completely describing someone in their own life rather than actually making their own characters.


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