So, the other day I was starting to write a post about how I enjoy typing things, and browsing Pinterest. I was saying that I enjoy typing, because it means I’m doing something somewhat productive considering the fact that I get slightly faster at it, with practice. I also enjoy writing to you all, because it means that I’m not necessarily another mindless consumer of these thought quotes on Pinterest, but that I can actually create, and share, my thoughts. The quotes I’ve enjoyed lately have been pictures of things written in the type writer type of font, which I think is really cool looking. I’ve always wanted to type things on a type writer, I think it would be so fun 🙂

In fact, I think my mom used to own one (when I was little, but she got rid of it :/) and I think I recall her actually letting me type out random stuff on a sheet once. I was little though, and didn’t think about much at the time, so I was basically writing random words. My mom said that she likes it now that there are computers, because you don’t have to rely on a type writer anymore to type papers. Which is a good point as to why type writers are mostly obsolete. I mean, let’s look at the draw backs of the type writers era: ink, paper, consistent thinking required, no backspace, no copy or paste, and the noise. These days, we have printers, “rough drafts” that don’t require you to waste paper, we have backspace, and auto correct, and we can make our keyboards somewhat quieter. That’s something I do enjoy though: the sound of keyboards. I used to love playing this one online game on my family’s desktop because the typing made a loud noise 😛 and the bulky keys just added to the fun. Now, keyboards are getting more advanced, which goes along with them loosing their bulky keys. They’re trimming them down to where you almost don’t realize when your hand messes up and presses two keys at once.