The fork in the road…

As you all might know from my previous post, I am currently single. I don’t know how long it will be until I’m in another relationship, but I currently have two pending possible interests. Option numero uno, is Mr. Puff. No, he’s not an old guy, that’s just my nickname for him, and it happens to start with mister haha. The second option, I’ll nickname, Dominico. I’ll start with the option that has the shortest info, Dominico. Dominico is this cute Dominican republic guy that my sister’s boyfriend is telling me that I should go out with. He and I met through face time today. He lives nearby, it’s just that the two of them where at school (but her bf wanted me to meet him soon, so that I don’t choose Mr. Puff), and we were at school too, but at home. So during lunch, my sister’s boyfriend called her through face time, so that Dominico could introduce himself to me. My initial reaction: he was cute, had a nice voice (deep šŸ˜‰ lol) , and looked promising. I’m meeting up with him in person, on Tuesday probably.

Now, onto Mr. Puff; I’ve known him for about a little over 2 years now. We’ve seen each other twice, ever. He lives close by as well. It’s just that for 1.5 of those years he has been in a relationship. For the other six ish months, I’ve been in relationships (with two different guys, spread over the two years). It seems like Mr. Puff and I have never tried each other out. We keep reuniting our chat line through fb every time we go through a breakup with somebody, and on three occasions he has told me that he likes me, I reciprocated that declaration the first time. But days after he said that for the first time, he was back in his “on again, off again” relationship. Which now that I’m talking to him again, I have discovered it is off, for good. The second time he said it, we were talking and just friends (in my mind), the way he said it was “want to go see a movie?” and due to our past chatting, I knew that he normally wouldn’t say that, and that he also could be asking in a date type of way. I declined. I was just getting into a relationship with the archer, and told Mr. Puff that if it was intended to be a date, my answer was no, because I liked someone. So I went for about two plus months not talking to him (while I was with the archer), and then a few days ago the archer and I broke up, so I message him (Mr. Puff). Then, the next day, during a time that Mr. Puff was busy, the archer asked if I wanted to talk about what happened. He wanted to get back together, so I told Mr. Puff of the news, and asked “What do you think I should do?” because he and I had talked about the archer and me before.Ā 

He said, ” I don’t think I should answer that, because I would kind of have a biased opinion right now, because I don’t know him and I kind of like you. It made me pause for a second, thinking “Do I really want to get back together with the archer?”

Low and behold though, I did. I called the archer that night, and we were back on– for about two days. I broke up with him just yesterday actually, and have resumed talking to Mr. Puff as a friend. He knows what happened, and he knows that I know he likes me. I guess now the decision is in my court of whether to go after Dominico, and explore a new guy, or, reunite in person with someone who I’ve been talking to already. I just don’t think I should open up the avenue for Mr. Puff, until I’m sure that I like him though. Right now, I’m honestly interested to see where a friendship/interest could go with Dominico. I’m just torn because Mr. Puff and I keep finding ourselves talking to each other after our breakups.

I don’t want Mr. Puff to think I’m friend zoning him, but at the same time I want to discover Dominico. I’m also wondering though if maybe I should give Mr. Puff a shot, after all, we both use each other to go back to talking to after breakups. But I also think maybe that’s all we should be to each other, a person to talk to about your problems. Before, he was an actual crush of mine, but now… I think we’ve talked so much about our other relationships, that maybe we’d be fooling ourselves. It’s different to be broken up with somebody and list all of the things they did wrong, after all, we are only human. I just can’t imagine either of us being real in a relationship with each other, in the fact that we’d avoid giving each other something to complain about. At the same time too, I don’t know if we have good chemistry. I’ve only seen him for an accumulated time of like 3-4 hours, ever, and it was when I was younger, and more shy. So, I think I’ll see how it goes with Dominico though, because maybe there’s a reason Mr. Puff and I can’t seem to get together.Ā 

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