First kisses! ah… I can’t wait until my next first kiss with someone. They’re just so exciting and nerve wracking, it’s fricken’ great! And no, there’s no sarcasm there, I just like new situations. Because there are new feelings– unadulterated feelings– that you are just starting to feel out with someone. You’re both vulnerable to it, and you’re both willing to take a chance and change something. My first kiss wasn’t very good, by far it was the worst. But I have come fairly far since then, aka, choosing good kissers. I also am not talking about first kisses ever, I’m talking about first kisses even between new couples; it’s fun, and new 🙂
So just keep in mind, even if you have a bad first kiss, you can have some good other first kisses with other people in the future. Because it will be the first time you will kiss each individual person.

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