She will be loved (I can’t wait until I’m 18)

So this is random, and I’m not completely sure if it will be interesting. But, i’m listening to spotify, and trying to be open about listening to new songs, because who knows… I might actually like one of these random songs. Confession, sometimes I still skip them, even when I’m trying to give them a chance. Some do really just suck that bad. Anyways, I always like it when songs mention ages in them, because it makes people that age be able to relate to them more easily. So, when I just heard she will be loved by Maroon five, I was like “Oh my gosh, if i’m 18 and I’m feeling lonely, or happy, this will be my jam :P” 

I’ll just imagine the 2004 Adam Levine singing it straight to me :O haha. I’m actually going to a concert for maroon 5 soon too though, so i’m pretty excited 😀 I hope they play some of their old songs. 

Btw, Counting Stars– by One Republic, is good. I also heard another one that I sort of enjoy, that I have heard before, but now know the name of: everywhere– by Michelle.

Another good one is bubbly– by Colbie Caillat  

I hope that I feel like that in my interactions in the near future. 

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