Just so that all of you know, I am currently learning Spanish in school again. In grade school, when I went to a quote on quote, ‘real’ school, it was a dual language school. They taught us a little bit of Spanish there, but I only retained the translation of the names of a few colors… Now though, I’m hoping to learn a lot more. In the past, in school, my mom has introduced a few languages. I know a bit of french (not enough for good conversations though), and danish. We went back and forth between Danish and french, and now we are doing Spanish. My mom is also hoping to have us alternate days, where we do three days of Spanish a week, and two days of danish. Needless to say, my brain will probably be in shambles. But that’s cool, I look forward to hopefully getting better at them, even if it means hurting my brain a bit. 

There’s something hot about an accent

So today  (instead of next week) I met Dominico — in person. He is soo tall 😀 It’s awesome. He’s like really cute, and his smile is nice 😛 We talked– just talked– for two hours. Just stood there, talking. It was very fun to me, because I love socializing and getting to know new people. I was just surprised by how short the two hours felt. Also, I was surprised that we had just met, and yet he was carrying on a conversation so well. He knows three languages in total: English (the obvious one for most people), Spanish, and he learned french in school. It was so cool, I was just like an extra percent more attracted to him because of that haha. He also asked me if I knew how to say “my name is ______” in french (because I have learned a bit of it in the past, and I told him that). When I said it, he said that I have a good accent compared to the people in his french class, it made me feel accomplished for some reason >;P

So now, I know my answer to what I was contemplating yesterday. I do want to put my efforts into Dominico. It also helps the fact that my sister’s bf was able to talk to him (because they’re friends) and figure out that Dominico thinks I’m cute 🙂

Dominico also happened to meet my dad, which was not part of the plan. Another thing though, that made me even happier about Dominico, is that he was able to hold his own in the conversation of introducing himself to my dad, which i think is a good quality: to be able to speak to parents. 

Oh, and about the title, he has a great accent 😉

His height and voice make him appear to be older than he actually is. 

I’ll tell you more about my adventures with exploring Dominico, the next time that I see him.