My confusing mind

So readers, as I said (or at least think I said), my mind is unpredictable. I have already swayed back to Mr. Puff, because like I had said, I had feelings for him before. The other night I was hanging with a friend, and I nonchalantly sent an audio clip of me playing the piano to Mr. Puff, and he was like so nice and supportive, saying that it sounded good. It’s not like I think that that’s all someone has to be, but I’m saying that yesterday, I realized something. In our friendship, we kind of inspire each other to be better at our little hobbies, because then we can show each other our accomplishments. He sent me a track of him playing the bass guitar. It was fun, and he was also giving me an opening for flirting back last night because he was talking about one of his instruments that he plays, requires lips endurance, and that his lips probably wouldn’t be worn out easily from being trained for it. I just felt like saying something like “I bet if we tried hard enough, we could give your lips a run for their money ;)” but I didn’t. Because I didn’t want to lead him on, because I thought I was going after Dominico. Dominico has added me on fb, but he hasn’t been on or said anything. I just think that since Mr. Puff seems to be trying harder, and I’ve liked him in the past (and honestly now), maybe I should give him the chance. If I chose Dominico, and pushed Mr. Puff to the side, I would be friend zoning a perfectly qualified guy.  Qualifications: he’s a nice guy, has ambition, is loyal, won’t rush me into telling him that I like him back, talented, good looking, and inspires me to be better. Why would I pass up a guy like that??? I know Dominico seems great, but if I were in Mr. Puff’s shoes, I would be like “Why the heck are you passing me up for someone you just met? I’ve been your friend for years” 

Granted we haven’t constantly been talking solidly for all of those years, but if I needed him, or if he needed me, we’ve been there for each other. We have definitely needed each other. I know he may not look at our friendship like I do, because I consider him like my best guy friend, even though we like never see each other. He probably just views me as his friend that he likes, but never sees. I’m going to try to see him soon though, so that even if we don’t end up getting together, maybe he’ll see me as a bestie 😛

But that doesn’t mean I want to friend-zone him. I do want to chose him, I think. I just hope that if hanging out doesn’t lead to anything, then maybe he’ll see me as more of a solid friend. I think I’m going to do it; I’m going to reunite with my friend, and crush. I just hope that I’m sure about this, my mind is always changing. To a certain degree, I can’t control it, which kind of stinks :/ 

But I’m pretty sure that I’m going to go with Mr. Puff. Again, I’ll keep you posted on what happens. 


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