the smile

The smile, the cuteness, how naive I am. A smile, is my kryptonite when it’s aimed at me. When somebody truly smiles at me, I can’t help but think they actually care. I made this mistake with the archer. When he would smile at me, I would forget that anything was wrong, now I see the light though. The archer is out of my life. Onto new beginnings: Mr. Puff. I’m planning on slipping into the conversation that I want to hangout either today or tomorrow, and see if he can. I’m curious to see if we actually have a good chemistry together. I know that I might be a little awkward because I’ve been imagining kissing him since I was way younger than now. The awkwardness will be caused because it will be my first time hanging out almost alone, with Mr. Puff and that face. It wasn’t the archer’s smile that was the reason for the caption btw, it’s Mr. Puff’s smile that captures me. It’s one of those smiles that you could imagine kissing them, and then when they smiled, they couldn’t help but smile a real genuine smile. It’s like the smile that Gavin Degraw has in his “In love with a girl” music video, at the end they take a picture, and he’s all smiley and cute. ?That’s the reason I find Gavin Degraw attractive; He has such a cute smile. So does Mr. Puff šŸ™‚

All I’m saying I guess is that I look forward to seeing that smile in person again, because I haven’t seen it for like two years, and it was one thing that definitely stuck out to me when we first met.Ā 


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