A chatty Kathy

I don’t think I could’ve given anybody an example of what I thought a chatty Kathy was, that is, until I met this one kid. He hangs around a place that I hang around a lot, and let me tell you, this kid talks. a lot. I like to be friendly to him, because I like talking to people, but in moderation. I will acknowledged him, and talk to him for a bit, but he always tends to drag on the talking. He’s way younger than me, and younger than basically everyone at the place I hang out. What he doesn’t seem to get is that in his attempt to talk all the time, to fit in, he is actually placing himself on the outside. A chatty Kathy, in my opinion, is someone who doesn’t stop talking; and in his case, doesn’t know when to. 

I’d like to think that I do fairly well when it comes to the art of entertaining others in conversation, and knowing how to gauge their interest in it. It just makes me sad to see people who don’t know that their non-stop chatter is basically socially inappropriate. If someone is engaged (ie. staring at you and nodding their head, or responding to you) continue speaking; if not, I would stop right there. It just seems to me that a lot of people these days talk to hear themselves speak… which is kind of sad to me, because they’re forgetting the whole idea of socializing.  I feel like I’ve been born into an era of talkers, rather than listeners. I myself, am usually a listener. Which is also probably another reason why this kid gets on my nerves so much; because I feel rude just shutting him out. Even if he is as annoying as a bug flying around your ear. I just try to not be rude to people, but maybe, he might be the one that’s being rude… When I think about it, I, and others around me, try to give him queues that our conversation with him has come to a stop. He just doesn’t seem to get it though. 

Parental issues may play a part in it though; his dad, is an ass. Yea, I said it, because he really is. He’s constantly trying to out-wit, or degrade, his own kid. Seriously, it’s like the dad is a grown up that is still caught in an insecure short little boy’s body. You know the mentality of short guys not feeling as cool around their taller counter parts? Well it seems to me as though he went through insecurity caused by being short as a child, and just hasn’t out grown it yet. Now that the roles are reversed and he is the taller one (umm excuse me dude, that is because he’s your kid, of course he is shorter than you right now) he tries to be the bully. When you’re around a bully, you don’t want to talk, right?

Well , I guess what i’m getting at is that I think the kid doesn’t know how to socialize because of how fudged up his father is towards him. When you feel insecure, you don’t talk. But when you feel secure, you do. So what I think, is that he’s feeling too secure at this turf (when his father isn’t around) and is trying to be a little smart ass himself sometimes, and is miserably trying to turn the tables. There’s no reasonable explanation for him always trying to seem like a know it all, or for talking way too much though. I think, that what everyone around him can observe, and learn from his behaviors, is the chain of reactions. Insecure parents can cause their kids to be insecure. It’s not his fault his dad is an ass, but it’s his fault for how he acts when he feels like he has power. Even though in reality, he doesn’t have any power; we’re all just trying to be nice to him because it’s a public space that we have to share.



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