So as you all know, the archer and I are broken up, and I’m onto my Dominico.
But, during this last week, before my decision, I heard a beckon from the past. Who was calling? Well the archer of course (actually it was messaging on fb, but that added to the theme). The archer wanted a second chance. Granted, I still cared for the archer, and still do, but that doesn’t mean we were, or are right for each other. I know some might say “But no! true love can conquer anything!” If it can, so be it, but I decided to not give the archer a fake promise. He had asked me “So how long until our talking as friends could possibly turn into us dating again?” I had told him that I didn’t know, but later I knew what I had to tell him. I told him that I think we should stop while our memories are still good. I didn’t want to try again and just look back and think it was just a mistake again. I was going to be smart. Hard as it was, I told the archer that we shouldn’t get back together…
Now I have another to pick up after as well, Mr. Puff. Poor Mr. Puff, he doesn’t know that Dominico even exists, or that we kissed, or that we’re dating. Mr. Puff just thinks that it’s only he and I that are talking. So, somehow, I need to tell him that I’m with Dominico now.
I just feel bad telling him again that I choose a new guy over him.


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