May I have your attention please?

So readers, as you all have probably gathered from the last few posts including the names “Mr. Puff” and “Dominico”, I am a very confused person when it comes to deciding what I want. 

Well, possibly to your surprise, I have finally decided. But, let me tell you first how my past non-blogging days (or week?) have been. Each day I switched back and forth on whether it was Dominco or Mr. Puff, I even got my parents involved, so they knew what was going on. Since you all don’t know me personally, let me tell you that that’s not a frequent thing. I try to avoid talking about my guy interests with my parents until I can tell them that the guy I like, is already my boyfriend. In this case though, I needed opinions. 

It was like I had two references:

the first one… 

Dominoco Hot Voice

special skills: I can talk non-stop (even at first meeting), I’m very tall, I have an accent, I’m a good person who walks my puppy at least once a day, and I know three languages in total. I also get good grades. 

References: Your sister’s boyfriend, who dare I say is a great judge of character 😉

Hobbies: Basketball player, and spending time with family. 

(info taken away from the first meeting– ever)

the second one…

Mr. Puff Smile

Special skills: I don’t talk about raunchy things like most guys, I have a nice smile, I help my parents make dinner, I workout. 

References: personal interaction with the reader of this resume

Hobbies: Trumpet and my own business. 

(two years or more accumulative info) 


But anyways… Both of them have perfect credentials in my opinion. So I asked my parents “If you were to interview two people, and both interviews went well, both of them perfect for the job; who would you choose? Would you choose the one you know personally is a good person, or would you go with the instinct of a reliable source that says this one is a very good person and is better than the other?”  They told me what I would’ve told anyone else though *sigh* they said ” I would go with the one you like more.” my head just ached at the thought of making this decision for myself. I honestly liked both options, and didn’t want to turn either down. 

Yet, here I am, telling you, that I did it. I made the decision. The other day, Dominico came over to my house. He did something that I think is absolutely wonderful… he actually had a conversation with me, he was actually getting to know me and telling me about himself as well. I’m not saying that Mr. Puff wouldn’t do that, but here Dominico was, unscripted and everything; he asked me questions, and I didn’t even request a question game or anything… We just talked 🙂 Until later that is 😉 now now now, don’t get to excited. 

So Dominico and I decided it would be best to take our conversation outside, on a swing, for a breath of fresh air if you will ;P Eventually, I ended up moving over closer to him, to the point where we were sitting with his arm around my shoulder, and my head nuzzled against the side of his peck 😉

I think Dominico wasn’t sure that I liked him though, because he had to get a second party to tell him to go for it. That second party, was his reference, my sister’s boyfriend. Her boyfriend said to him, in Spanish “kiss her, she likes you! make your move!!” lol. 

This was true, I did like him. I was enjoying my time with him, and I wanted him to kiss me. So it took about another hour of us sitting on the couch, inside now, and he asked me if I liked him, what I would say if he asked me to go out with him, and then if I would go out with him. All of my answers were “yes,” haha. So then, once he had ‘asked me out’, he kissed me :D!!! I was thinking in my head “finally!” haha. I thought I was going to have to go in for a kiss, but no 😉 

So, now you all know, I have chosen Dominico. He’s my tall, dark, handsome, and exotic guy ;3

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