Capture me

Capture my interest. Tell me how you feel when I look at you. Tell me the moments that have made you fall in love with me. If I ask you why you fell in love with me, it isn’t because J have doubts that you did. It’s because I’m curious. It makes me curious that another individual can care for me in such a deep way. Even I dont think that I can explain the feelings of love I have for people. It just happens. But, I’m hoping that one day, when I ask someone “why do you love me?” after they’ve professed their love, they’ll be able to answer with a story. How it all began with the way I spoke, or maybe even looked at them. Then maybe, the story woild twist and turn, and they woild tell me that theu were sure when they saw the way i looked at them, pr cared for them. I would hope that i’d find someone, who can with all of their heart, give me a beautfil description. Someone to capture me; someone to attempt to describe feelings that can’t be described. feelings that you think in order to know them, you have to feel them first. But i ask of you, to try to learn how to describe your feelings to me. I won’t think you’re stupid or lame for an attempt at professing your feelings about me, through words. I will think it’s amazing that you’d try. Not enough people these days can describe, in a wonderfull fashion, how they feel about someone– becasue they don’t seek to. How about some of you try this: Get a pen and paper. Or an empy word doc. Start with this thought, “who do I love?” does anyone come to mind, your pet, parents, siblings, friends, significant other, etc? Pick the one special person in your life that you wish to express your intermost thoughts for.

then start there, write out how you feel about them. Keep writing the thoughts, and revising the entire truth of how you think you fell in love with them. Then tell them. Or, once you’ve finished, even if you don’t tell them, be content that you spent this time to write down how you feel for someone.


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