Nostalgic for smells

So, earlier today, after my workout, I was taking a shower. After I popped open the lid of my shampoo, I had a remembrance of the same scent, but from the past. My shampoo is coconut scented; and it’s smell is along the lines of the same scent of a my little pony I used to own, from when I was like ten years old. It was kind of strange, smelling my shampoo and thinking of a plastic toy pony. One certain moment of playing with that toy also pops up in my head every time I think of it. I had played with it many times, but that time, for some odd reason, stuck out to me. Anyways, now that I’m sitting here writing this, it has made me aware of other scents, or times, of nostalgia I’ve experienced.
The scent of the air on a fall day. The sense of wonder about relationships with boys, and the days when the idea of it felt intangible. How I felt when I met the archer for the first time. How I felt when I felt something for the archer the first time. Now, even though it’s not that far in the past, the way I felt when I met and talked to Dominco for the first time. How I felt just the other day, when I would pause, thinking “is this when we’ll kiss?”
Memories and nostalgia are a wonderful thing. I like to try and look back on my memories and not be sad that they are memories, but be happy that they happened. I don’t want good times to have to become memories, but that’s what life is; It is a compilation of memories. You have a set duration of time, that you remain unaware of from the day you’re born, until the day you die. I think that the point of life, is to love to your full extent, and to really make your mark in people’s hearts. In order to live a fulfilling life, in my opinion, is to be remembered in a substantial way. To be remembered for a special thing that you do. Maybe I will write a book, maybe I could be a motivational speaker, or maybe I could create something new. I don’t know what my life’s purpose is yet, but I know I want to leave this world having meant something. I want to make my mark, in the chaos of life.
Maybe my mark could be to one person. To mean the world to one person, could possibly make me, mean something to the world in it all.

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