The breakdown

There’s a time that you won’t see coming. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but I think it maybe–possibly, it happens to most . That moment where you break down, and cry. Not because it’s over, but because you want to know if you’ll ever feel that way again… one can only hope. People think you’re foolish when you tell them, they ask “but why would you miss that? why would you want to be treated like that again?”

It;s not that you liked every way you felt, it’s that in those moments when you felt something, it felt like the most sincere way of feeling. It’s a time where you feel like saying “I miss you, but I don’t at the same time. I didn’t want you to stay, but it’s that I just spent so much time picturing life with you, that picturing it without you, seems empty. I will heal though, after all, I have asked for this.”


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