random laughing

So today, I was in a very odd mood. I found stuff so hilarious for no reason at all. One thing in particular though: daily activities of people. Like just bringing your stuff into a building, picking up stuff, and using your stuff, and then leaving (with your stuff). Aren’t all of us just so adorable? We take our little duffel bag, and head off to our gym. Why? To be healthy, of course šŸ˜› Why should you be healthy? Because it beats sitting on your butt all day, and your overall life is better. I understand why we go to the gym, I wouldn’t have it any other way. So those points aren’t what I found hilarious. But, I found it funny that we all are so routine, that there is no question that after you’ve gotten your stuff, you’re going to walk to the car. Also, I had this problem the other day during school. Someone in my family was making coffee, and tearing open a Splenda packet; The noise made me have an internal laughing fit. I thought to myself “Why, why brain?? must you be amused by something so trivial? Of course people need to be doing these things, it’s life!” and then I would just continue thinking it was funny, despite my brain telling me it was normal. The worst thing about it all, was that I was reading when I thought of how funny all of this was. For those of you who haven’t ever tried reading while you’re laughing, you should try it, it’s nearly impossible.Ā 


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