The locker room exhibitionist

At the gym I go to (since early last year) I’ve noticed something. In fact, after a few months of going, I witnessed it right away. Old ladies walking about in the changing area– naked! Now this doesn’t bother me that much anymore, as I have gotten used to looking away. The only things I would ask of them still is this: face towards a wall, put on clothes as soon as you can, and please, don’t talk to me when you’re still naked.
But, there is also one lady who doesn’t even take the liberty to get a towel when she showers. She is middle aged, maybe a few years less. Honestly, I don’t want to see another woman’s body, it creeps me out that people are comfortable with people seeing everything. I don’t give her disapproving looks though, I just stand there and wait to get into an actual shower stall. But, while I’m waiting, she just walks around the corner, naked, and proceeds to wash her hair with her parts not facing the wall. I admit it, it makes me feel uncomfortable. What makes me even more uncomfortable though, is that she seems to think it’s amusing that people try to not look at her. I think she even places herself at the shower head by the corner, just so people are caught even more off guard. I’d like to say I’ve gotten used to these random acts of people walking around naked, but I haven’t. But, I think I’m at least now only mildly shocked when I see someone doing that.


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