the other dream

So, last night, I had another dream– about kissing. This time, it was Dominico 🙂 It just fed my want to kiss him, even more. But at least dream me was able to ;P So, in the dream I was cuddling with him. It felt so real, it was awesome 🙂 Then, we started kissing, and I woke up ;/ So it was a pretty good dream, because I haven’t had one like that in a while about someone that I actually know, and like. What bummed me out was that i had to do school directly after that good mood was created. Let’s just say, being happy about it didn’t last long :/ haha. The dream surely beat Cheeto tongue though. Writing this made me remember though, someone once told me something about people in your dreams. They said something about how you have met, or seen, most people in your dreams. So, what I’m wondering is, who was Cheeto guy?


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