what I just read

So, on one of the blog I follow on here, there was a guest blog today. Their topic: Catfish, the tv show. Catfish is basically this show that follows people behind the scenes in meeting their online love. Most of the people have developed feelings for these people, and want to discover is the person behind the messages is who they say they are. There are a lot of disappointments, because most of them aren’t who they say they are. The blog asked if we have now reached the day where catfish ing is something that happens regularly in our culture. I think it’s true, we have come to a day where it is very easy to pose as someone else online, and be fooled personally, as well. My question to you is, have you ever been someone’s catfish? (posing as a fake persona, and talking to someone) Or, have you ever been catfished? 


Most people might think “how can you fall for someone and develop feelings online??” I honestly don’t know, but it’s how we keep a base for most of our friendships, by talking online. So maybe, there is a little truth to how genuine it is. What do you all think? Can you truly care for someone you meet online, and can that develop into love?

Ps. Please answer the questions if you do feel so inclined 😛 


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