With certain people, don’t you feel like the conversation just flows effortlessly? And then with others, it falls flat very quickly? Because I do. I think it stinks when the conversation falls flat with an attractive person that seems perfect on paper, but I think it’s also a sign. It’s a sign that someone out there is just as attractive, and could make you engaged in conversation as well. For me, sometimes I feel like I could write better conversations than the ones I actually have most of the time. That’s why writing intrigues me, I want to create dynamics that people could learn from, or be inspired by. I think, to a certain degree, when we read something it becomes a part of them. Ending a long and wonderful book is so hard because you feel like you’ve been living in this dream world throughout the book. So maybe, just maybe, if we read a bunch of cute love stories with charismatic people in them, we will take tiny bits of those characters with us throughout our lives. Possibly, with having those little bits and pieces of characters, we could become better conversationalists. I for one am not saying I’m the best at conversing with others, but I feel like a do a fairly good job. It just makes me sad though when I am trying to let someone feel comfortable in my presence, yet they still can’t get over their own awkwardness. I’m usually not awkward though, because I really enjoy talking to people. One thing though that makes me slightly awkward is if I find someone attractive, but still then I can be fairly confident in actually talking to them. I may be trembley throughout the conversation, but I will, and can talk to them! haha.

Ps. There will be more having to do with Dominico and Mr. Puff later, I have news to tell you, my readers. For now, I’ll be writing the draft of it.

Pps. enjoy your morning! 🙂


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