touchy subjects

So I was just on pinterest. There was this thing about how writer’s blocks are most likely caused by how writer think people will view the work that they want to create. Instead, they get in this ‘block’ where they can’t create anything new, because they are trying to think of something acceptable. In my opinion, we should, as writers: Write things as if no one other than you is ever going to read them. Don’t imagine one day your: mother, brother, sister, father, or any other relative or friend, ever reading it. Write for yourself, and for the flowing of your creative energy. So many great stories have probably not been written for fear of how the writer thinks people will perceive it. Just yesterday, I started this random story out of the blue. I’m experimenting with writing in the second person. It’s crazy how many times I find myself writing the word “you” in this story. But, I’m trying to write as though no one will judge it. Is it my problem if they think the main character is a little off her rocker? NO! It’s my story, I can do what I want with that. Now just wish me luck with keeping that mindset throughout the whole book 😛 

Anyways, I always find myself writing stuff that is about a romance, or writing stuff where romance and “romantic” scenes are involved. I think to myself that I don’t want my mom to read my stories, because I don’t want her to get worried. I don’t write the stories off of experience or anything, I just write with a pretty free hand. Do any of you find it uncomfortable to put certain scenes in your books because your afraid of your parents reading it? 


2 thoughts on “touchy subjects

  1. I know how you feel. Sometimes I feel I have to delete/rework some scenes just so I don’t feel weird if any of my family/teachers ever come across my blog haha.

    Now, I’m just writing, for the love of writing. 🙂

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