Here we go again

Ok, readers, by now even I’m a little confused. You thought I liked Dominico like a ton, right? Well yesterday, I broke things of with him. I told him that he was really cute and nice, and that he wasn’t the problem, but that I just didn’t want to be in a relationship with a very small amount of communication via the internet and minimal hanging out time. He bowed out gracefully, and agreed. We will still stay in contact with each other, but we both had to admit that we weren’t going to be able to have enough time to spend with each other. So readers, it wasn’t the guy, or me that was the problem, it’s our timing. Maybe later down the line if we are friends we could pick up a relationship again. But right now, I need a guy that can contact me often, and see me often. I was totally shocked by myself yesterday when I woke up with those thoughts, but I couldn’t ignore them. In a relationship, for it to feel like a good relationship to me, I need: attention, affection, a connection, and time. The only thing that Dominico fell short of was time, sadly. I’m in high school though, I’m not in a time in my life where every relationship is critical and should need dragging on until the last little inch of it. I have my whole life ahead of me to be looking for guys, or for being with guys. I need a relationship that I find fulfilling. I won’t settle for less than I deserve. 

Now, onto new business. Yesterday afternoon, after I talked to Dominico… I invited Mr. Puff over. Thoughts of him were plaguing me too. I needed to see if we actually ‘vibed’ well, in person and not just over the internet. I figured out that sadly we did not. He told me later that he had fun, but I don’t think I did. We took a walk, and threw a football with my sister and her boyfriend in a field. Our formation was that of a triangle, Mr. Puff and I as opposite points, and my sister and her boyfriend as a unit. When I looked over at her unit, I couldn’t help but realize that I need a guy to be with me, and flirting with me, in my unit. If Mr. Puff really had the guts, he would’ve been right by my side, flirting with me. He would’ve been able to talk to me freely. After all, we have been communicating for the last two years over facebook, and we know a lot about each others lives. I just thought he wouldn’t have been that awkward, and that the conversation wouldn’t have felt as tough as it was to come up with. I needed to know though, that Mr. Puff, is out of my option pool, along with the archer. Two down out of the three. Dominico and I called it off, but I’m not canceling him out for all of eternity. Maybe some day, somehow, we might date each other. For now though, I’m setting my sights on writing, and thinking with a clearer mind. There are most likely going to be some boy stories coming up still though, as I haven’t told Mr. Puff that I don’t see us going anywhere. Also, my sister’s boyfriend has someone in mind that I should meet. 


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