Lately my eye has been feeling weird. It like has this little pain in the right corner of it, and it hurts when I blink. I don’t know what it is, but it reminds me of my eyes every time I freakin’ blink. When I think about eyes, I think of then as the window to the soul. Which makes me curious of what my window’s view is. What part of my soul can people see through my eyes? What does a guy think when he looks into them? Like those thoughts from someone might be the thing that a boyfriend could say to me that could make me fall in love with him. I think we should all tell our little cutesy thoughts about others, it would be wonderful. Honestly, it would brighten a lot of people’s days, to hear something good about themselves, that they don’t even consciously mean to do.
Another thing, I met a guy the other day ;)… Kinda.

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