The guy

So, I think I told you all, my sister’s boyfriend was planning on having me meet one of his friends. Yesterday, that’s what happened. I only had a few minutes to talk to this guy, because I had to leave soon. It was a shame that we didn’t get to talk that much, he was nervous, so he didn’t really say much, and then he wasn’t able to stay inside the place I was, so that complicated things. Here is my overview of everything about him though: He is beyond adorable. He’s taller than me, definitely not hard with me being just a bit more than five feet, but I appreciate a good height difference. He is like 5′ 11″ ish I would say. His eyes, could kill. They are “O M G!” Worthy. They are so perfectly colored, like rare lookng marbles or something. His smile; so cute. I was kind of disappointed though, since because he was nervous, I thought he seemed a little uninterested. But, my sister’s boyfriend later told me that it was he because he didn’t want to mess up, and that he thought he blew it or something. Anyways, we are probably going to arrange for us to be able to meet again, hopefully this time for longer. Admittedly, I was nervous too, but it wasn’t the kind of nervous he was. He was nervous to where he could only really respond to questions, but didn’t know what to ask or talk about. My nervousness, was shakiness. He couldn’t see I think, but I felt worse than a chihuahua out in the winter time. I managed to say things though, so hopefully he enjoyed the impression I gave him. Because he’s really cute, and I’d like to possibly have a chance with him šŸ˜‰

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