I had a habit of doing this with my first boyfriend’s texts to me before he said he liked me. When he was just a crush. I used to tend to do it a lot actually. With Mr. Puff, I used to re-read what we had said to each other, and I could imagine what i was doing at that moment i said something, or how i was feeling. Now, I’m trying to focus on looking forward though. I’m going to try to not read my texts between the archer and me. I’m also going to try to not look at any ex-boyfriend’s Facebook pages. Why would you want to see their page? I ask my myself. Then, I stop myself from typing in their name. For the first one, it’s more of a curiosity of what he’s doing. I don’t want him back. The same goes for the archer, except when I look at things he says, there are actually some feelings I remember. I’m going to move on though, from everything, in time. In order to move forward, that’s what I’ll do. I will no longer let myself be tempted by the past, it distracts from looking forward to the future.


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