So while I think of what I want to say about the quote itself on this picture, I would like to make a quick comment. The eyes on these kittens are freakin’ adorable! They are so wide and blue 😛 But anyways, so what I think of this quote. I think it could relate to many people not bothering to do anything, and then thinking they’re good for not having made any mistakes. The truth is though, that they aren’t building themselves as a person by trying new things, and going out of their comfort zone, so that is why they seem like they haven’t failed. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t good at things right away, or mess up, because that is the growing process of trying new things. Don’t feel bad if you are in and out of relationships and you feel like you don’t have it together. The reason why you might feel like you’ve made a mistake is because you actually tried someone new, and it just happened to not work out. Basically, what it tells me is this “Don’t focus on your mistakes, focus on what they taught you.” And it just happens to have adorable kittens in the pic… so it stuck out from all of the other pins on pinterest and I just need an excuse to share their adorableness 😛


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