Ah… camping. I miss this little ritual. My family and I used to sign up for the yearly camping trip– in cabins, of course 😛 — with the home school group we were in. This year, though, we are no longer in the group, and will not be going to the camp. I really will miss going, for a few reasons…

Reason number 1: 

The first day is so awkward, but after you’ve gone one year, you know that it just gets better when the sun sets. It’s crazy how fun it is. The parents go to bed, and the teens wander from the camp fire, and around the cabins, then to the mess hall– where we play games. Apples to apples is one of my favorites. It’s even more fun when the parents aren’t around though haha. 

Reason number 2: 

Finding your group. So after the first day jitters, aka, people acting like shy little middle schoolers at a dance, you find your group. Whether you’re part of the: little kids group that no one wants to take care of; the middle-schoolers group that no one wants to be, because other people your age, at that age, are terribly boring; the barely teenagers, that get sent to the outskirts of the most coveted teen group; or the actually, ‘legit’ teen group; no matter which category you fall in, you’re still part of a group. I’ll admit it though, the only one that I enjoyed being in, was the teen group. I experienced two years of the teen group, they were a bit more enjoyable than being a ‘barely teen’. I was only a barely teen for one year of camping though. The point of this reason is, at camp, once you find your group (not set in stone by any means), your group and you usually stick around each other. There are no pre-determined groups, but those are usually the set groups. Oh, and then there are the parents, I guess they’re a group too. But all of them just want to go home though, after about a night. 

Reason number 3: 

When the sun goes down, it gets even better. The innocent flirting with the boys is at a high, and everybody is just having a good time. You end up in staring contests, having inside jokes after a game of apples to apples, or you climb trees in the dark. Basically, it’s like a mini paradise of camping. And a plus– everybody is walking around in their little comfy sweats in the evening, and they look adorably dazed by sleepiness, while walking around a damp campsite. 

Reason number 4: 

It’s a great way to form a closer friendship with your acquaintances from the ‘events’ that the home school group has. Yea, they are sometimes cool events, and sometimes teens exchange numbers. But at camping, it helps you form a friendship with your group-mates, and you go home and friend them all on fb like right away. 

Reason number 5: 

The walks to the water. These walks are when the guys in your group are busy doing something. Usually, the girls will walk to the lake, and talk the whole way down about random things they wouldn’t say around the guys; some comments having to do with the guys. When we get to the lake, it’s so peaceful. Then, the depth of the chatter gets to it’s deepest, until an adult decides to walk down to join us… then we’d talk about generic subjects… and leave soon after…

Reason number 6: 

Well, I’ve basically shared all my reasons, but the last would have to be that it’s memorable. I always want to go back year after year, because nothing beats the atmosphere of it, it’s just stuffed full of memories that make you want to return. 

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