wish me luck?

Okay, so there are a few things that I’m going to be working towards. 

  • writing 4 different story ideas (I know, you think I’m crazy… I’ll explain)
  • getting a job (I need to hand in some applications that I have mostly filled out)
  • paying attention better in school.. (admit it, we all need to)
  • and last, but surely not least: what I want to do when I grow up, what I want to study in college

So those are the things I will be working towards in the months to come/year. and speaking of another: 

  • find a new guy-interest 

I’m not saying I need a boyfriend again quite yet, but, having a crush-buddy to flirt with would be nice. In fact, Mr guy with the eyes just accepted my friend request on Facebook 😉 

Now, I will explain the mania of the four books… So ideas just seem to always be popping in my head about new things to write about, so…. I’ve come up with four ideas, recently,  in which I’ve decide to write scenes for. It may take a while to finish them, but I’m trying to come up with a system. I think it’s a good solution to me getting bored with writing one single book for a long period of time. Because, I don’t always have to be working on one book at a time, if i have an idea for one, I’ll write a scene, but, I’m not obligated to a certain set one. So, I will be e-mailing myself the parts of my books that I write, and I’ll be putting them into their own folders. I’ll keep the scenes straight by writing each scene’s name in the subject like, correlating to the organized scenes on an app that I’ll be using. The name of the app: a novel idea.

 Tomorrow, I think I will tackle finishing the applications… 

The school thing, well… I’ll just try and get some sleep tonight haha.

The last one. Okay, so I know I have about another year or two to figure out what I want to study, but I have a dilemma: there are too many things that interest me. It’s like I have hobby and interests ADD. The only thing that I’m consistent about ‘studying’ would be signs that someone is interested in you, or how to flirt. Stuff along the lines of that is like what water amounts as to the body, it needs it to survive. But, I wouldn’t be able to have a career about flirting… So, this thought leads me to more things. The stuff that interests me most is anything to do with how people work in social situations, why we react in certain ways when we are attracted to people, and maybe just philosophy or psychology. I’m certainly not the type who can picture themselves in a lab one day making ground breaking discoveries about something chemical… stuff in academia like that doesn’t interest me. What interests me are things that are either: social, or psychological. But, even knowing that, I don’t know what I want to do with that for a career.. It’s frustrating, because even though I will probably change my mind after I figure out once again what I think I’d want to do with my life, at least I’ll feel at peace for a second because I might have a basis as to what I’d like to do.  

And for the guy-interest, well… wish me luck 😛

Ps. I’m still not sure whether or not I like the friend that I mentioned the other day… I will probably be seeing him tomorrow though, so maybe that will clear up my perspective. 

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