The shore and the sea

The sea had a great pull on the shore. The shore makes herself smaller or larger, depending on the moods of the sea. Each night, the sea and shore lay together, swaying peacefully. It’s at times like these, that the sea makes the shore feel safe. Then in the morning they gather up and resume their usual routine. The shore adjusting for the sea. To justify the waves and thrashes of anger, the sea would make sure to leave gifts for the shore. The shore had lots of entertainment from the gifts. The shells would massage her smooth and grainy surface. Not only did her gifts bring her joy, but it also would bring temporary company. Even though withdrawing from the shore, the sea would always make sure the shore got some shallow entertainment while he was away. The shells felt nice against her softness, and she enjoyed the observers who would come to admire her precious shells that the sea adorned her with. This made her forget what the sea did. The sea would hurt her, and then try to make it better with gifts and distraction. Both of them couldn’t admit the discord existed. You see, the sea and the shore didn’t want to think that anything was wrong. Afterall, without the shore, the sea would just be an empty abyss– a lake. Certainly not as exciting as being admired from the association with the shore. The shore, would just be a dessert. She knows that no one visits desserts. She wouldn’t have even wanted to be a dessert if they did attract attention, though. Because, when the sea mixes with her, its unlike the feeling of being spread so far and wide. Yes, she would enjoy the freedom, but she has grown to know the sea. The sea always returns to her at night, to prove to her that gifts and temporary discord aside, they make a perfect pair. No one expected the shore and the sea to get together, and sometimes, the jealous wind tries to ruin them. The wind pushes the sea on the shore so hard, trying to make it appear that the sea is extra spiteful. Even though the shore can’t see the wind, the shore knows the sea loves her, and would not force himself on her so violently. These nasty spells with the wind are unexpected. Usually though, they find their way back to their harmony. That harmony, that only the can achieve together– that’s why they stay.