The picture

The picture

How did this picture form? Since when do you remember seeing someone being so utterly perfect all the time? Never. Or barely ever. It’s almost inhumane to always be perfect. But, we expected them to be. We expect that our significant others will always treat us the way we imagine in our heads, or that they’ll say the things we’ve been imagining they’ll say. This is life though, the only time you can dictate what someone will say is if your saying the words for them, or if your writing it out on a piece of paper in a little story book. I had this picture in my head of what relationships are like. Now, it’s like it was strapped into one of the paint spinners. You know, like where you stick a piece of paper on a spiny device and put random colors on it and think you’re some sort of artist when it comes out. Well, that’s what happened to my picture. By no means what this hypothetical picture a work of art in my eyes. This image in my head is not even sure of itself in what it’s supposed to look like anymore. I guess you can say that I have eliminated a set picture. Sure, I’ll still have high expectations, but I’m going to try to wait for someone to excite me, not fit a specific mold of how I picture them to be. They don’t have to be a prince right away. I’ll find my prince through trial and error. I won’t look at a guy and say “sorry, you’re not what I am picturing”. I’ll say “if you excite me, that will excite me. I can decide later on if you truly fill my now blurry picture.”


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