what I would give

Ahh, what I would give to have something interesting to share with you all right now. Maybe something enlightening and inspiring… But no, I have nothing in mind at the moment. So, I’ve decided that I’ll share with you some of my random thoughts of things that happened today. 

So, I was in the locker room at the gym, just standing there chilling (not in the most relaxed way either) in my towel, while waiting for a shower stall to open up. Thankfully though, the person who I deemed as the “locker room exhibitionist” in a previous post, wasn’t there. But, as I was standing there, a few people made the transition into the portal, or what all of you  call a door. From now on, I will be referring to it as a portal. Well at least this one door I will be calling a portal. Because, you see, this door is connected to the pool. The pool just happens to be kind of echoe-y . So, when someone goes through this certain door, it reminds me of the portals in halo. It’s like a really weird sound, but it’s cool. So yea, thing number one: the halo portal.

Number two: mind over matter. Today i realized (by doing something of low risk), that our mind is really what gets in the way of us completing certain things. Whether it be a workout, writing a paper, or doing a flip or something; our minds can easily get in the way. We all know that once we crank up the speed or resistance of something in working out, we may be having doubts while changing that, but after we’ve completed it, we know we can do it. With papers, we all know that they can be long and tedious. Our brain gets in the way and says “no, no, no! stop now, I am very bored!” and so we might stop, or feel discouraged. But, even with the most boring or difficult tasks, if we out our minds to it, instead of letting it get in the way, we can do great things. Today, for me, I pushed my brain aside for a quick second, and got a good result. I was doing cartwheels, a simple skill that I am happy to have. One that I am also proud to say I can do one-handedly. Little did I know, I can use either hand. I tried it out one-handed on the hand i’m not used to today, and I did it fairly well (considering I had never used that hand for it before). I pushed my brain aside the moment that I decided I would do it, and then afterwards, my brain returned. But, for a split second before it, I had thoughts like “well what if this arm is weaker than the other, or what if I have terrible balance on it, or what if I hit my head because my arm gives out….” Thankfully though, I tried it before those thoughts really scared me, and I ended up not fearing it, and having good results. It’s a small victory, but it still is one in my opinion. Also, now it makes me more inclined to try different moves because I think I underestimate my body sometimes. 



Hi, readers. So today I was reading through quotes on pinterest (shocker! gosh.. when am I not on there?) Anyways, I was reading through quotes and there was this random month long journal prompt list. I think I’ll try it (for a private journal) but tonight I’ll have to catch up like 15 days worth, […]