Hi, readers. So today I was reading through quotes on pinterest (shocker! gosh.. when am I not on there?) Anyways, I was reading through quotes and there was this random month long journal prompt list. I think I’ll try it (for a private journal) but tonight I’ll have to catch up like 15 days worth, or I’ll just end in the middle of next month.. My point is… so there was this one prompt saying “Where it began”. It reminded me of the archer and I. It began with me noticing him, noticing me. I was just going about my own business, and he gravitated towards me. It strange to think, that this guy I once looked at as a random attractive guy, would later become my boyfriend. It’s strange that you can go from meaning barely anything to someone, to looking at them and suddenly feeling so much. No matter what happens, I’m glad that he saw me, and I’m glad that I saw him.


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